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Experience Surround Sound Quality in Every Room of Your House

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the immersive qualities of surround sound in every room of your house? Or what would it be like to enter any room and be able to listen to whatever you wanted on the spot? These are the dream scenarios brought to life with a whole home audio installation.

A whole home audio system is a smart home experience that places connected speakers and sound in every room of your house. Access and control sound features through a control system, smartphone, or tablet.

It might be hard to imagine having high-quality sound in every room of your Boise, ID home without the clutter of cords and cables everywhere. But it’s possible when you choose to install whole home audio throughout your residence.

Continue reading for more benefits of a whole home audio system.

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Portable and Accessible

You don’t have to worry about lugging speakers from room to room with a whole home audio system. The music will change locations as seamlessly as you do. If you’re doing chores throughout your house, you can keep swishing to the tunes because they will quickly follow you as you switch rooms and floors. Simply tap a button to select songs, switch locations, or adjust the volume as you need.

Clean and Hidden

A whole home audio system hides the speakers and cords inside your walls and ceilings. There is no reason for wires to be dangling or be searching for outlets to plug in something. A technician will install the speakers into your home structure so your house won’t feel cluttered with speakers and cords. Oh, and don’t worry about how many speakers there are because they are placed very discreetly throughout the home – we know speakers aren’t exactly an interior designer’s dream.

Centralized Control

With a smart control system like Control4, you can control the audio throughout your house from a single device. You don’t have to be in each room to turn audio on, off, up, or down. Instead, you can easily access all of your speakers from your home control, smartphone, or tablet.

Whole home audio is an excellent option for families with various audio and visual interests. Through the system, there aren’t limitations to how many types of entertainment or rooms are active at once. The smart controls offer great flexibility and sharing capabilities with everyone in the family. Of course, if mom and dad need to override volume levels of music or turn off TVs at bedtime, they have the control to do so from anywhere in the house.

If you’re interested in learning about whole-home audio systems, please contact us using this form. At The Loop, we take pride in providing state-of-the-art audio and video technology solutions for homeowners in Boise, ID.