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Groundbreaking Audio Solutions for Unsurpassed Acoustic Performance and Minimal Visual Intrusion 

Sonance is a recognized brand that has been in the market for nearly 40 years. With its invisible speakers and garden series, Sonance becomes a perfect partner to achieve the best sound inside and outside the house. As Sonance dealers, The Loop Technologies has full faith in every component, speaker, and series that Sonance introduces into the market. The company has proven that a Sonance home is a home with life and music! 

Learn how a Sonance dealer provides personalized attention throughout the audio design and installation process in your Boise, ID, home.

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Take the music and excitement outside with Sonance’s outdoor speakers. The Loop will design your Sonance outdoor audio system to blend in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home. One of the series that we recommend to homeowners is the Sonance Garden Series. The Sonance Garden series creates a smaller scale system that fits perfectly in outdoor areas up to 3,500 square feet, delivering top-quality sound with tonal balance throughout the area.

With a 100Hz crossover frequency, this non-corroding, high-heat ABS sealed speaker will deliver stunning sound – with music transitioning from speaker to speaker, smoothly and powerfully. In addition, the enclosure material used in these speakers keeps the components intact to withstand the elements, such as rain, dust and even snow.

If you need to bring audio to a larger area, the Sonance Landscape series is the ideal choice. This series includes two satellite speaker models, two in-ground subwoofers and one hardscape subwoofer. It’s fully scalable to fit any size space and can be expanded later at any time. So you don’t have to worry about your audio only reaching part of your outdoors. The Loop will be involved in the entire process of component selection, aural space design and installation to ensure that the sound is flawless in all areas.


Sonance offers several speaker models that integrate seamlessly with your home automation system, allowing you to maintain effortless control and management to bring high-quality sound to your indoor spaces. We recommend using architectural speakers that blend in with the aesthetic of your home and become part of your home’s design.

Sonance Architectural Series delivers high-quality sound. These architectural speakers disappear into the surrounding ceiling, walls, or surfaces for minimal distraction and maximum performance. Also, the speakers can be controlled with your smart home system. Tap a button to select songs, adjust the volume, and choose the rooms to stream the music. You can also set an “Entertainment” scene that automatically dims the lights and starts the whole-home audio system. It’s seamless control and stunning music at your fingertips. 

A Sonance dealer like The Loop can add more music and control to your life. To bring a Sonance audio system to your home – inside and out – contact us here or call us at (208) 938-2302. We look forward to hearing from you.