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Your home is your haven and must be protected as such. Whether you already have an outdoor camera installed or are deciding which to get, it’s important to also focus on proper installation protocols. Below, we explore our top do’s and don’ts of security camera installation to best help you install outdoor cameras.

How to Install Outdoor Cameras: Top Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t: Abandon the Camera’s Instruction Manual

The quality of the camera can only prove itself under a quality installation. Therefore, follow installation instructions from the product manual. Improper installation could result in camera malfunction that later renders the product useless.

Whether you are completing a DIY installation or hired a third-party to take care of it for you, this is a critical component. For example, we had one client contact us, explaining how their current security system wasn’t up to par and asked us to take a look.

In a Tech Tip Tuesday video, we discussed a breakdown of what we saw:

“So, in this situation, what happened was that the previous company that they were working with said ‘Yeah, sure we can do cameras! We can do them cheap, get in, get out, and save you a ton of money.’ The problem was that when they installed this camera, they simply took [the bottom of the unit], screwed it up to some textured wood, and called it good. The problem is there’s actually an O-ring that sits in [the lining] that wasn’t installed.”

The video continues to divulge additional issues with the install that ultimately compromised the quality of the camera.

Do: Acquire the Proper Installation Tools

Although the effects of an improper install might take a year or two to impact camera quality, abiding by the manual instructions can help ensure the product’s longevity and avoid breaching the conditions of a warranty. Many manuals that offer warranties have a contingency saying the warranty is only in effect if the equipment was both installed and utilized properly.

Therefore, if you are installing your outdoor cameras without additional help, be sure to purchase a high-quality, 100% silicone. With the silicone, seal all the way around the edges of the outdoor camera to protect the technology against inclement weather, rusting, or any insects from building their home inside the equipment. Finally, before you mount it, make sure to add another heavy dollop of silicon right around the final wire to effectively seal the area.

When in Doubt, Let The Loop Help You Out!

If you feel that your current security system could use an upgrade, we can help! Our team at The Loop Technologies can visit your home to inspect the current condition and performance of your existing system to determine actionable next steps.

At The Loop, we design, sell, and install audio, video, security, and control systems. As our guarantee to deliver top-notch products and services, we only sell products that were successfully tested in our lab or used in our own homes to ensure a premium end user experience.

By utilizing a custom-built computer design system, we guarantee our clients get the absolute best value possible by specifying only those products that deliver an exact match to the client’s needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best customer experience possible.

Are you looking to get started on your security system today? We are ready to help! Contact us at (208) 938-2302 or via our new project form online to get started.