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Bring High-Fidelity Sound to Your Boise Backyard  

People love rooftop bars, courtyards, and restaurant patios because of their atmosphere. But you don’t have to go out to enjoy an immersive and entertaining environment. At home, you can create your own outdoor oasis with landscape lighting and outdoor audio. Your backyard or patio will become everyone’s favorite summertime destination—no reservations required!

To enjoy music outdoors, you won’t need to lug a speaker out every time you want to listen, nor do you need to blast the garage stereo in hopes sound will reach the pool. Instead, audio manufacturers like Sonance build outdoor speakers that deliver powerful sound while defying the elements year-round.

We receive many questions about outdoor audio from those who are new to it. Read on to learn how an outdoor speaker system will work at your Boise, ID, home.

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How Many Speakers Do I Need?

If you want to enjoy audio across a wide area, you’ll need a series of speakers to fill in audio gaps. One or two speakers won’t be enough. Why not? Without walls, the open air is difficult for audio to travel through. Sound usually reflects off walls and surfaces inside so that you can hear different frequencies. Outside, most audio details are lost without enough coverage.  

We recommend building a series of outdoor speakers wired to the same system. You have many choices for speakers—small satellite models or 3-way bollards with large, powerful drivers. With more speakers, you can keep the volume at a lower level, which will certainly please the neighbors!

What About Bass Notes?

Rock, hip hop, and R&B aren’t the same without bass. But bass notes are notoriously difficult to replicate outdoors. If you want to bring more “oomph” to your outdoor music, consider adding an outdoor subwoofer that can be installed either above ground or partially buried.

What If I Don’t Want to See Outdoor Speakers?

Some people don’t mind seeing audio equipment on the lawn. But if you want your backyard to feel like you’re escaping into nature, you can disguise audio with rock speakers, small bullet speakers, or burial subwoofers.

Sonance’s rock speakers play crisp, robust sound over 8-ohm drivers. Guests will only realize it’s not a real rock if they look closely! Burial subwoofers emerge just above ground and, if installed among plants and shrubbery, are barely noticeable. And bullet speakers are small enough to blend into landscaping, like pathway lights.

How Can I Install an Outdoor Audio System?

When you partner with an audio-video professional like The Loop, we’ll trench wires underground and connect your audio devices into one centralized system. Then, via your phone, tablet, or even wall keypad, you can raise the volume and select songs for the entire yard.

If you’re curious to learn more about outdoor entertainment for your Boise-area home, contact our team here or chat with us below to get the conversation started. We look forward to working with you!