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Let’s Turn Your Beautiful Home Into a Intelligent Home

It’s a beautiful thing what lighting alone can do for your home. Having the ability to set the tone or uplift your mood; perfect lighting is everything when it comes to making your house feel like a home. Think about it; entertaining guests, automating morning or night time routines, dimming the lights in your home theater, bar, or even setting the perfect dinner table ambiance! Lighting sets the tone for your entire home.

As the seasons change, so does the natural lighting in our homes and often, so does our mood! Having the ability to set desired lighting in our homes at specific times of the day, can make a huge difference in our day to day routines. Not only does automated lighting set the “vibe” for your home, it can also play a huge role in how we accommodate our family, routines, or even guests who visit.

Whether that perfect light is set by the touch of a button or is automated for specific times of the day, with a control system in place, you can determine the lighting in each and every room.

How Home Design and Automated Lighting Work Together

How many times have you switched on the wrong light? Do you really remember which switch does what? Think how much easier it would be to have customized and labeled buttons! Wall space should blend with the design of your home while bringing convenience and simplicity.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Keypads and Automation

Keypads are a helpful and beautiful addition to the lighting and design of your home. Keypads are similar to a light switch but with customizable buttons and are installed on your wall. Keypads are labeled for lighting in specific spaces. Example, you have a keypad installed on your wall with three buttons that read, “Good Morning, Good Night, and Entertain.” While pushing the “Good Morning” button will turn the lights on in your space, and the “Good Night” button will turn the lights off, the “Entertain” button could colorfully light up your media room with a blue ambiance, perfect for game day or a home party. The options with a customized keypad are limitless and can be lots of fun, not to mention convenient.

Automated lighting can be set up using the Control4 system we offer, which one of our certified technicians can install for you. After installation, the lighting in your home will be set up to your specific wants and needs. What does this mean for you? This can be setting certain times of the day that lighting is automatically switched off or on in your home. For example, your lights can be automated to turn on at 7:00 am to help you get your day started, or maybe you have them automated to turn off at 9:00 pm to help expedite night time routines for your children.

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Your Smart Home & Certified Lighting Specialist

While we hold multiple industry certifications, are continually focusing on education, and take pride in our pristine workmanship… we are also incredibly proud to have a Certified Lighting Specialist on staff. We would be honored to earn your trust as a valued client because our team has nothing but passion for what we do and only strive for excellence. Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can turn your beautiful home into a Smart Home. Connect with us here to get started.