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Take a Deep Dive into This Exciting Lighting Brand That Brings Style to Idaho Homes

If you’re looking for a way to transform your home in Eagle, ID with a swipe or tap of your finger, look no further than Nora Lighting. Setting the perfect ambiance has never been simpler with this innovative brand that brings sophistication to any occasion. Want to discover three things we love about this well-regarded and innovative company? Keep reading below to learn more!

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Reliability Meets Innovation

For over 33 years, Nora Lighting has brought its family-centered, research-backed lighting products to homes across the country. With headquarters based in California, the brand has a full research and development facility focused on constant LED lighting innovation and a quality control lab to test all of the products produced on its five production lines. 

From cans to downlights to LED lighting strips to puck lights, Nora brings brilliant illumination to any room of a luxury home. And Nora Lighting integrates perfectly with robust home control systems like Control4.

Retrofit or Remodels

No matter which step of the lighting design process you’re at, Nora Lighting is a great fit for your home. With new construction homes, fittings and wiring can be extensively planned for from the early planning stages of a project. Yet, with remodeling projects, homeowners may be limited in how much wall space is available or the existing housings available. Nora Lighting’s retrofit system includes socket adapters for each luminaire for easy retrofitting in recessed housings, such as with the Pearl Series, the brand’s 4”, 5”, and 6” LED offering with 12 trim options. 

LED Dimming

Among the various fixture offerings from Nora Lighting, such as the Pearl, Iolite, and Cobalt Series, one feature stands out to us among all the rest, and that’s smart LED dimming functionality. 

Standard white lighting dimming and optional comfort dimming give homeowners the power of light at their fingertips. With White Light dimming, homeowners can enjoy a consistent bright white color temperature regardless of how bright or dim the bulb is set. Or they can create a cozy, intimate atmosphere with the warm, rich tones of Comfort Dim, which takes the bright white light and shifts it to a warm, incandescent glow.

Your Lighting Partner

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