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Motorized shades and window treatments give you effortless control of natural light

Did you know you can add style and convenience to all your spaces with motorized shades that can be easily controlled with a single touch? The best reason to add motorized shades to your home is for the precise control you can gain by automating and managing them from your smart device or home automation system. Still, other benefits are often overlooked that bring great advantages to your lifestyle. Read on to learn more about four benefits motorized shades can bring to your Eagle, ID residence.

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One of the great benefits of motorized blinds is creating privacy and security in all your spaces. You can bring privacy to your bedroom, kitchen, or any area you desire without getting out of bed or the sofa. With the push of a button or a touch on your smartphone, you can lower or raise your shades to a preferred position. In addition, you can create preset scenes suited to an activity; for example, you can lower the shades completely to create a darkened atmosphere for a movie night at home.


Take advantage of your automated shades all year long. In the summer, lower your shades to keep your home cool, and during the winter, raise your shades to take advantage of all the sun’s warmth coming through your windows. When you integrate your motorized shades with your lighting control system, you can create a balance between natural and artificial lighting in your home, saving energy and enhancing the ambiance.


You can balance comfort and energy consumption by lowering or raising your shades depending on the weather outside, letting sunlight in for warmth and light and limiting it to minimize heat gain in hotter times. The judicious use of motorized window treatments can reduce your lighting and HVAC needs for environmental friendliness and savings on energy bills.


Just as our skin can be harmed by prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays, furniture, hardwood floors, and home furnishings can also be damaged. With motorized shades, you can provide extra protection for your property by preventing discoloration of fabrics or permanent damage to valuable items. You can even use light sensors that trigger the automatic closing of the shades when the sunlight is streaming in to prevent irreversible damage from UV rays.


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