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Proudly known as “built for business” and “designed for living,” Meridian is one of the most desirable cities in the state of Idaho to work and live. Huddled in the Treasure Valley of Southwest Idaho, Meridian residents have a majestic view of mountains to the Northeast.

Beyond the scenic landscape, Meridian is located just miles away from Boise, the capital, and Nampa – one of the most vibrant economic hubs in the state. The residents of Meridian, Idaho prioritize quality of life. For many families, audio visual systems play a central role in the home, especially during times of relaxation and socialization.

In the content below, we explore the primary audio-visual must-haves for the modern Meridian home.

Top 5 Residential A/V Must-Haves

#1: Excellent Audio

Music makes a house a home. As a result, a high-quality audio system throughout your home brings music anywhere for any occasion. Beyond on-demand music and surround sound, a comprehensive audio system takes movie night to the next level.

Whether soft instrumental music inspires your morning yoga session or pump-up playlists drive your Friday night party, audio systems set the tone for daily life.

#2: Speedy Internet

Everyone appreciates fast internet… because everyone has experienced wi-fi dropping at the cusp of an important call. Most individuals can even identify homes – or rooms in the house – with spotty internet connection.

Therefore, to avoid data bottlenecks (and disgruntled family members), install a speedy, reliable internet system.

#3: Controlled Lighting

Controlled lighting is essential for setting the mood during a get-together, maximizing the home theater experience, saving on energy costs, and promoting home security. Furthermore, when implementing a smart home system, you could even wake up to a sunrise alarm tailored to your morning routine.

#4: Video Distribution

Most modern households subscribe to a multitude of video sources, from Cable or Apple TV to Netflix and Hulu. Great video systems optimize the distribution of your channels throughout the home.

Once cords and cables are conspicuously tucked away, individual rooms in the house can boast wall-mounted TVs. Distribute your channels around the home for varied entertainment at the single touch of a button.

#5: Motorized Shades

Motorized shades play a role in lighting, privacy, and heating/ cooling energy savings. Take advantage of natural sunlight at every point of the day. For example, a motorized system could be programmed to open wide for the morning sunrise and close slightly during the peak of the day, protecting furniture and artwork from harsh rays.

A motorized solution also protects your privacy, closing at the push of a button or at a pre-programmed time every day.

The Loop Technologies: Audio Video in Meridian, Idaho

Our team at The Loop Technologies has over 15 years of experience designing and implementing Smart Home systems in Meridian and throughout Idaho. We help families take control of their entire environment.

Let technology do the hard work for you. To learn more about our Smart Home solutions, get in touch with our team at (208) 938-2302 or via our online contact page. We look forward to helping you complete your dream project.