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Discover How an Upgraded Network Can Transform Your Daily Routines 

Woke up. Fell out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head.

How do your mornings typically look once you wake up in your home in Meridian, ID? If you’re like The Beatles, simply getting out of bed can be a struggle! Luckily, if you have a smart home designed and installed by a professional team like The Loop, then the technology throughout your property can help you ease into the busy day ahead. 

Automated lighting and shades, distributed AV, and more can all help you make your way through the early morning sluggishness and out the door. But what is more important than any of the connected devices you incorporate into your home? Your home networking! It’s the foundational component of staying connected. No matter how much speed you’re paying your ISP for, you’ll experience buffering symbols, slow download and upload speeds, and general frustration each and every day without a properly designed system. Discover what’s possible when a home networking professional designs your connected home by reading our blog below – keep scrolling!

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Audio & Video

Movie nights become much more exciting when you have a home theater or media room. High-performance audio and video components place you directly into the movie or TV show scenes with immersive audio, video, and seating designed for hours of entertainment. Wired network connections are imperative in these entertainment spaces to ensure the least amount of interference and optimal streaming performance. 

Our team ensures all wiring and connections run throughout the space are up to our top-notch standards, so you and your family can stream your favorite Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max movies and shows without the dreaded loading symbol ruining the experience!

Luxury Living in Seconds

For a seamless, sophisticated luxury living experience, your home network needs to be upgraded to the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard. This newest standard for wireless networks allows routers to communicate with more devices simultaneously, enabling devices to operate effectively and efficiently. Struggling for bandwidth doesn’t need to happen just because you’ve added a few new technologies into your home.

Our technicians will incorporate reliable networking components, run all necessary wiring, and install additional wireless access points to provide maximum connectivity throughout your home. Strategic access point placement not only extends coverage but also ensures minimal interference from building materials and other electronics.

Instead of waiting several seconds – or what feels like an eternity! – for your motorized shades to receive a signal from a wireless on-wall keypad, shades lower in an instant once you press a button. Your AV system fires up, your lighting scenes respond, and your entire family can enjoy the ultimate living experience when your home has a professionally designed network.

Your Smart Home & Networking Partner

The Loop team strives for excellence in everything we do. We hold multiple industry certifications, focus on continued education, and take pride in our pristine workmanship. Contact us today if you’re ready to start a conversation about setting a solid foundation for your smart home with networking. You can chat with us below or connect with us here to get started.