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Audio Video Systems

Commercial audio video systems are full of moving parts. Done right, they have the power to make potent first impressions, streamline processes, and enhance collaboration.

If you are searching for an A/V system for your commercial space, consider a significant question before selecting an agency to complete your project. Does your designer/ installer genuinely care about your needs? This question drives our service at The Loop.

We identify the unique lighting, visual, and audio needs for each individual room in any type of commercial building. Whether it’s controlled lighting, large displays, or integrated technologies, we take away the confusion of adding new systems while bringing you solutions to make your life easier. In the end, the technology should focus on the user, since without a human operator, technology benefits no one!

Our team is driven by a desire for your ultimate satisfaction, and this is why we engage in discovery with every client before engineering a detailed layout of the A/V system. Then, our programming and installation steps are completed with detailed excellence. Throughout the entire process, every client is cared for by an electronics project manager who instructs, coordinates, and monitors your progress to ensure that everything is completed on time – and according to your specific needs.

At The Loop, we have over 15 years of experience designing and installing stunning commercial custom electronics systems throughout Idaho. Want your project done right? Our team is a great choice. We’re proud to have been selected as one of the top 100 custom electronics dealers in the country.

A few of our common commercial A/V install locations include conference rooms, event venues, offices, houses of worship, and more! Explore our range of commercial audio video systems for specific locations below.

Conference Rooms

Enhance your business meetings with the latest audio, video and control technologies in your companies board room. We are able to seamlessly integrate the various systems of an automated conference room, from projectors to lighting to audio-video and overall control of the entire integrated system. We also take into account the time sensitive nature of your project given your company’s daily operations and coordinate with other contractors to make your installation a smooth process.

The Loop offers audio video and control system installation for all levels of meeting spaces, from informal huddle rooms to large auditoriums. Our approach to system design and the clients we serve is unique. We make sure that each part of the overall design meets our criteria for performance and integrity. We tailor each feature, from Video Conferencing to Projection HDTVs to our client’s work style while ensuring ultimate performance in their office suites. This allows us to offer a system that is truly reliable, easy to use and excels in all performance parameters while being ready for anything new that comes along in the future.

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Event Venues

We understand public spaces and private venues. Whether you are projecting on 100″ screens, sending a feed for a wide area to view, or need to evacuate your building while minimizing panic, we have the ability to make your facility come alive. Imagine your VIP arena boxes with lighting, digital signs, zoned sound, access control, safety, video, paging,  CCTV… all engineered and managed, even on your phone! We have the technical knowledge, “ we have partnerships with key manufacturers with a wide range of hardware and software to make your unique project come to life. Whether new construction or upgrade, we are more than ready to make your space perform.

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We provide reliable and productive workspaces by creating the right technology solutions for each business. Whether you are streaming content from your MacBook Pro to a large video display or a conference room or you are having a corporate event our systems will help to create a company environment and culture that is energetic and productive! Have a corporate event with video and sound displaying your branding and music throughout your workspace. Create a company environment and culture that is productive. We also help secure your business with video surveillance on HD cameras that you can access anywhere via mobile phones or tablets. View from office or property halfway around the world. Now that’s peace of mind.

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Your guests want to kick-back and enjoy their free time. Want to add music in the driving range? Looking to put security cameras throughout the common areas? You’ve come to the right place. We add automation and integrated technology to make the hotel guest experience memorable. Set background music in common areas with easy control of lights, window treatments, music, video, and HVAC. Team members can intuitively adjust conference rooms, ballrooms, and restaurants with one button press for a meeting, presentation, dancing, and dinner. Excite your guests with a customized room experience of smart lighting control, automated window shades, and impressive music and video that’s easy to use.

One of the most important technologies for any hospitality business is networking and WiFi. We make sure your communication is rock-solid reliable, fast and secure.

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Capture Your Audience. Outfit any classroom or auditorium with a state-of-the-art integrated system sure to captivate your audience. Designing a smart approach to systems integration in an auditorium requires expert knowledge of how each system communicates with each other, thorough knowledge of devices and applications, and the best approach to achieving the overall objective for the project. Commonly, auditoriums, lecture halls, and classrooms rely on great audio/sound systems, projectors, computer/laptop display modes, screens, wireless connectivity, microphones, lighting control, and more… To communicate effectively from the front of the room, the entire room should be integrated with sufficient technology to support every lecture, presentation, or performance.

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Health Care / Elder Care

91% percent of seniors use email, 49% have a Facebook account, and 44% play solo games online. The greatest users of Fitbit are Seniors. Most expect to continue these activities as they transition to assisted-living arrangements. The expectation that nursing-home residents will want to continue using these technologies has prompted nursing homes to add IT amenities overall experience. Seniors want and need to be socially connected and independent.

Senior Residence Facilities that focus on Memory Care facilities rely on technology for a host of key operations. The Loop takes technology to the next level of supervised support in a non-threatening, non-intrusive manner. Solutions that include inconspicuous cameras and monitoring sensors, allow teams to enhance operations while keeping the unique needs of the residents in mind inconspicuous cameras and monitoring sensors, we enhance operations while taking into consideration the needs of residents.

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Houses of Worship

Churches, Synagogues, Student Ministries, or anywhere worshipers assemble will enjoy enhanced experiences with our technology solutions. Multimedia systems are now a required part of these facilities, but can be a daunting task for organizations to implement. The Loop will walk you through the process, working within your budget and logistical concerns to create a system that will be easy to use and built to last for years. A critical area for all Houses of Worship is networking. As Wi-Fi requirements increase, you need to be sure you have the ‘bandwidth’ to handle all events. Whether you are projecting a single voice or a full-scale audio and video production, the quality of your presentation system dictates the quality of your message.




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