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Home Theater & Home Automation Basics

Control4 offers the ultimate smart home automation solution by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security—even smartphones and tablets—Control4 creates personalized experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

Control4 Home Theater Quality Installed by The Loop in Boise

The Loop and Control4 provides home automation solutions for practically any function for you, your family, and your home or office. Explore our most popular categories by browsing the links below:

-Tired of using six remotes just to turn the TV on? Imagine how easy it could be if you could pick up one remote, press a button, and have all the right equipment turn on, go to the right input, and set your lighting to the perfect level. Think how much time and frustration you could save!

-Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with your music stored in five different locations and each having a different interface with a different login on each one? With Control4 you can have full control of ALL your music from a simple touchscreen or button remote. Simple, one button operation to play your favorite music in the room you want, when you want, and without the frustration.

-A Control4 system saves you money, time, and frustration by combining all your thermostats, fireplaces, and indoor/outdoor temp sensors into one simple, easy to use interface. This saves you valuable time by not needing to walk around your whole house every day adjusting settings, plus it saves you money because all your devices talk to each other, allowing a single button to turn multiple devices on or off at once.

-Tired of your kids leaving the lights on upstairs? Or maybe coming home from vacation to realize that you forgot to turn the lights off while rushing out the door? Or maybe you just don’t like all the light switches on every wall throughout your home. A Control4 lighting system can combine all these light switches into a single keypad, making it fast and easy to turn multiple lights on or off at the same time. It can also make it easy to wake your home up in the morning or putting it to bed at night by triggering multiple light switches with a single button press.

-When integrating a security system into Control4 it adds the ultimate level of integration. This allows your security system to talk with the other systems in the home, making entry and exit to your home fast and easy. With security integration your home automatically goes into ‘Away’ mode when you arm the system, turning off lights, adjusting the thermostat, closing shades, and turning off all your audio/video devices. This saves you valuable time when running out the door to that important appointment or to get the kids to school. And when you return a simple disarm of your system can turn on lights, heating/cooling, and even turn on your favorite music.

Using your phone, iPad, or Android Tablet you can access your home and any of its systems, giving you the peace of mind that everything is okay. Imagine how comforting it would be if your home could notify you if there was a water leak, power outage, or an uninvited guest? Or maybe you are expecting someone at the home but don’t want to leave a key? Just use the mobile app to remotely open a garage door, unlock your front door, or disarm your security. All from the convenience of your mobile device!

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Why Use Control4?

There's no one-size fits all package when dealing with home automation services in Boise. The beauty of Control4, and what sets it apart from other home automation systems in Boise, is that any homeowner can design an automation solution that truly meets your lifestyle, needs and budget. Customize your home automation and optimize it for you and your family, not someone else's idea of what you need.

Perhaps you want your home to lock itself at 10pm, and the shades to close as the sun hits. Or maybe you want automation to enhance your new home theater system with a single remote that handles the picture, sound, and lights simultaneously. Add beautiful lighting control to your renovation project in the Boise area. Of course, there are also tho who will want to trick out everything in the home, James Bond-style. What you "get" with Control4 automation, then, depends on your personal lifestyle, home and budget.

What Makes Control4 Different?

Control4 home automation is an all-in-one solution that is capable of endless customization. Start with a smart thermostat or just one room like a home theater. Expand your home automation throughout the home when time or budget allows. Your needs change throughout your life and Control4 home automation can grow with you.

You may have noticed some cable and security companies offering "automation" in the Boise area. They claim to automate your Boise home with security and lighting services. In fact, these services are very limited in terms of the functionality and flexibility they provide. Customers in Idaho quickly realize they need more personalization that incorporate best-in-class home entertainment systems, streaming music, room-to-room audio/video communication and other incredible lifestyle functions to enhance their life. With Control4 home automation, you have a flexible platform to grow with your Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Idaho home.

Control4 is compatible with many of the brand and products you already own. These include Apple, DirecTV, Sonos, and more! As well as those your family will consider purchasing in the future.

What Does An Average Control4 System Cost in Boise?

The average cost of Control4 installation in the Boise area depends on the customers needs. Many of our local customers have been able to get started with Control4 technology systems for $1,500, which includes the home theater and family room solution. More than half of our local Boise area customers that own an Control4 system with one controller as the foundation of their home theater and home automation spent an average of $3,500, including installation. Certain things to consider are the size of the room or home, the number of devices being automated and the complexity of the networking and programming requirements for your installation.

At The Loop, this is one of our main competitive advantages. We analyze and diagnose your home's networking and programming requirements in order to communicate with every device that runs on your home automation and home theater system. Contact The Loop in Boise to guarantee a high quality home theater installation. From cabling to home automation software, we do it right.

How Much Will Your Control4 System Cost?

Ask the Control4 experts at The Loop Technologies in Boise about a home or business automation demo.

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What Do I Need First?

Your Control4 system all starts with a controller, powered by the Control4 Operating System (OS). You can think of this as the brain behind the incredible Control4 home automation technology.

The Control4 controller makes it possible to control and automate virtually any home function, including your television, music, lighting, climate control and security. Every Control4 controller comes with the Control4 MyHome app (enabling you to use a smartphone or tablet to control your home automation), the TuneIn service (access to over 70,000 radio stations), and software for intercom functionality which allows communication through the Control4 touch screens and door stations).

Control4 offers hundreds of products to support virtually every aspect of home automation in your Boise area home or business. The Loop will design an efficient and cost effective system that meets your technological needs. No matter the condition of your home or business, The Loop specializes in designing custom Control4 systems. With certified wiring and software technicians on staff, The Loop will identify and communicate your needs from A to Z.

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