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Why Integrate Custom Motorized Window Shades? (6/21/2017 6:00:00 PM) Motorized window treatments provide elegance and convenience to any space and today’s designs are as chic as they are functional, harvesting natural daylight with sleek, sophisticated styles. Simply stated, motorized window coverings integrated into your home’s automated system make life easier, especially since many can now be controlled with your smartphone. And, as they have become more popular in recent years, an added benefit is the increased value they bring to your home or office space. But that’s just the beginning.


There are an array of styles and custom solutions available that will complement any setting. Aside from the huge variety of colors, patterns and weaves, the types of coverings are also extensive, ranging from pleated and honeycomb shades to motorized drapery rods. Motorized treatments are even available for skylights, vertical and bottom-up applications for a sleek, unified look.

What’s trending in 2017 is “clean”, multi-layered window treatments, paired with simple drapery panels or sheers with blinds or shades for the perfect combination of light and privacy. As a CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) professional, we’ll partner with your Interior Designer to create an expert blend of technology and design, pairing the right combination of weave and color with exquisite patterns and textures.

Another design-friendly benefit is the prevention of fading of your fine furnishings through the shade’s UV protection properties. Aside from these practical aspects, the design applications are endless! Window treatments no longer rely on wired connectivity and power. Battery-operated units allow for use on doors and other applications where wiring is not possible. Motorized shades and draperies are not confined to windows either. Imagine the drama of elegant draperies parting at the touch of a button to reveal your home theater screen! Or being able to install a hidden drop-down projection screen in front of a window, courtesy of installed black-out shades! Get more ideas by visiting the QMotion Gallery and by stopping in to our Design Gallery.


Energy-saving is a prime function of shades. They are designed to both harvest daylight and block generated heat, offering substantial reduction in costs.


Window shades promote biophilic design, maximizing sunlight while reducing glare and its resulting fatigue. While natural light is often sought to fill space however, according to a recent blog in ASID’s icon, “…sometimes natural light is just too bright. Blocking it out can be as important as letting it in. New innovations and technologies in shading are making it easier for designers to obtain the optimal balance of highly sought natural light and much needed light control.”

Another human-friendly feature is serving as nature’s alarm clock. Imagine the peaceful, subtle awakening to the natural glow of the sun rising. Shades can be set to open gradually in the morning and close again at bedtime.

Security & Safety

A big advantage to motorization is the lack of chains or cord pulls that seem to entice children and pets, which pose a serious safety hazard. And for your home’s security, just like programming lights to go on and off throughout the day while you’re away, shades opening and closing mimic a lived-in look, deterring would-be break-ins.


Shades are an elegant solution for privacy throughout your home. They are perfect for hard-to-reach windows such as those surrounding your garden tub or in an elevated vaulted ceiling area. In a space with multiple windows and French doors, this is a tremendous convenience and time-saver. And some fabrics even offer a one-way weave, blocking visibility into your home without interfering with your view to the outside.

In an office environment, shades are a simple solution to transforming glass-enclosed conference rooms into private meeting spaces. Coupled with their acoustic properties, they also contribute toward HIPPA compliance.

If you’re considering updating your window treatments, consider not only integrating them into your home’s design, but into your home. Give us a call. We’ll show you how technology can simplify your life…and look great in the process!

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