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3/3/2019 12:39:12 PM

Enabling your team with the right collaboration tools and capabilities is essential for creating a productive space. And, whether a small huddle space or a large-scale conference room, connectivity to those tools via a reliable network is critically important. But which is the better choice, wired or wireless? They each have advantages but to determine which is right for your business, we’ll need to understand the users, their collaborative tools, and the level of security your network has in place.

10/18/2018 7:32:14 PM

Revolutionary 24/7 remote management of your residential and commercial networks

As technologies get smarter, so must the technologies that support them. As a leading technologies design and integration firm, we stay on the cutting edge of products and services so that we can offer our clients the very highest level of service and support. While we are confident in our expertly designed and installed systems, we know that sometimes new devices need to be added or updated, or that the unexpected network issue may occur. Traditionally, system troubleshooting and network updates required onsite service calls but OvrC, a revolutionary platform, has changed that!

10/16/2018 7:52:40 PM

As city populations continue to boom and the need for building upward instead of outward grows, the trend toward multi-dwelling units (MDUs) has exploded. Equally as attractive whether you’re building or buying, these multi-dwelling units (MDUs) are more exclusive, high-tech and luxurious than ever. The best part is that this level of modern luxury is affordable if you know what you’re looking for. 
8/20/2018 7:45:58 PM

Thinking about the last few times you walked into a business, you probably don’t remember paying a lot of attention to the background noise. But be it your neighborhood grocery store or your favorite place to grab drinks downtown, you were undoubtedly accompanied by the space’s soundtrack – and that’s because that background music has a tremendous effect on sales and the customer experience. 
8/9/2018 6:24:06 PM

You’d worked with your technologies integrator, interior designer and project stakeholders to have the perfect AV system designed to meet the needs of your team. The room’s display would be from a state-of-the-art laser projector that would descend from a custom ceiling tile on a sleek scissor lift. The projection area was precisely mapped and documented on the architectural plans. The equipment for the entire project was ordered and the trades were meticulously scheduled. And then, well into the final phase of the project, a request was made to change...
6/27/2018 8:25:37 PM

Which comes first…?

“Which screen type is best for my conference room, a projection system or an LED display?”  It’s often the first question asked when starting a conference room project however, to achieve the best outcome it’s important to understand that technology does not drive the best application but instead, the use and goals will drive the technology. While aesthetics, viewer’s comfort, ease of installation and total cost of ownership (TCO) over its years of use need to be considered, the answer depends on the project’s goals and on the calculated proper screen size. Once the size is determined and the client and AV Designer have a clear understanding of the goals, the type of display best suited for the application can be uncovered. 

6/16/2018 3:44:34 PM

Effective communication and collaboration depends on the participants’ ability to engage with the content being shared. Content needs to be clearly visible from every angle, including text and spreadsheets, from every chair in the room. Determining the proper display size, type and placement is critical in creating a productive, collaborative environment.
6/11/2018 6:26:45 PM

Protect your systems from everyday power spikes for improved performance and longevity

Are you covered?
We’ve heard the catastrophic tales of lightning strikes critically disabling a home’s electronic systems. To add to the frustration and expense, these losses are seldom covered under your warranty since the failure was not the fault of the equipment and because additional damage done to circuits is nearly impossible to detect. And the issues with power extend beyond the occasional lightning strike. “Dirty” power power abnormalities that include voltage variations, frequency variations, low power factors and surges, critically impacts your system’s performance and longevity.
6/9/2018 6:29:04 PM

Strategic planning and implementation of AV & IT will help your business realize the best possible outcomes.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, AV/IT plays an increasingly important role in our day-to-day operations. Businesses depend on technologies to collaborate and communicate with their customers and internal teams. Technologies integrate our various systems to work as one and connect us to the all-important Internet of Things (IoT). They gather data, and then help us disseminate and act upon it, making our technologies even more effective. They are integral to our daily workflow and operations and key to our business strategy and success yet are often overlooked in the design and planning phase of a project.

5/6/2018 10:10:43 AM

Custom panels absorb unwanted noise while complementing the room’s decor
Listen! Did you hear that? If you’re in your home media room, are you experiencing the audio as it was intended with clear, crisp speech and striking, directional sound? If you’re seated in a cozy café for an intimate, fine-dining experience, are you able to comfortably enjoy a conversation, or is the space humming with chatter and clanking plates? Sound is a critical factor in how we experience a space, yet it is often completely overlooked in the room’s design.

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