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2/17/2019 5:52:11 PM

We all know the gym gets more popular early in the year with New Year’s Resolutions to get more fit or lose weight in full swing. But why pay for a pricey membership at a crowded gym when you could have the ultimate workout space in your own home?

1/29/2019 7:07:03 PM

Home trends are constantly changing. We’ve gone from mid-Century modern to all granite everything to modern, rustic farmhouse and everything in between. What’s on the horizon now for standard homes is something we used to only imagine belonging to the Jetsons.
1/6/2019 1:45:37 PM

When you think of smart technology and your children, you might think about tablets and other smart entertainment devices. What you might not realize, though, is how much safer smart tech can keep your kids - while also making your home a little more fun for them to live in, too.

12/4/2018 7:15:02 PM

For those who have to spend the holidays traveling to family near and far, leaving your house behind can be stressful! The good news is, there are a number of ways to utilize smart technology to keep your home safe while you’re away.
11/12/2018 7:34:57 PM

Whenever you think about the holidays, you probably think about friends and family around the table, enjoying a meal and each other. You might think about presents or twinkle lights - or maybe you just think about sitting down to watch your favorite holiday flick. The reality, though, is that you’re probably spending a lot more time (or could be) in the kitchen.

10/20/2018 2:25:19 PM
Fusion Research Movie Server for your Boise home theater

Ultra HD, 4K…the quality of today’s content is nothing short of spectacular! Not only is sound and imagery seemingly limitless, but so are the myriad ways in which we can access it! The question becomes, is your home theater or media room designed and outfitted to make the most of that high definition audio and video? With summer blockbusters ready to stream on demand, and with the holidays just around the corner (Really? Yes, really.), there’s no better time to add the home theater you’ve dreamed of or to upgrade your existing theater so that you may enjoy the very best digital entertainment experience! 
10/18/2018 7:32:14 PM

Revolutionary 24/7 remote management of your residential and commercial networks

As technologies get smarter, so must the technologies that support them. As a leading technologies design and integration firm, we stay on the cutting edge of products and services so that we can offer our clients the very highest level of service and support. While we are confident in our expertly designed and installed systems, we know that sometimes new devices need to be added or updated, or that the unexpected network issue may occur. Traditionally, system troubleshooting and network updates required onsite service calls but OvrC, a revolutionary platform, has changed that!

10/16/2018 7:52:40 PM

As city populations continue to boom and the need for building upward instead of outward grows, the trend toward multi-dwelling units (MDUs) has exploded. Equally as attractive whether you’re building or buying, these multi-dwelling units (MDUs) are more exclusive, high-tech and luxurious than ever. The best part is that this level of modern luxury is affordable if you know what you’re looking for. 
9/21/2018 9:27:02 AM

If you’re curious about how to make audio a crucial part of your home’s design, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a fan of smooth jazz, hard rock or the classics, your music library deserves the same respect as all your other entertainment systems.

9/1/2018 10:40:09 AM

If a smart bathroom doesn’t come to mind when you think of a smart home - think again! Futuristic bathrooms are making their way into more and more homes, and it’s easy to see why.
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